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1995/96 NeCSys network documentation

These example pages have been excerpted from my work on the MIT Media Laboratory's private INTRAnet site, which I created to document the work I was performing at the time (1995 and 1996). This material is presented for portfolio and example use only.

These pages were merely one end product of my entire project: landing a $5 million grant*, then codesigning & managing the installation** of the Media Lab's ultra-dense Fiber Optic Network. The principle architect (and my supervisor) was Mark Sausville; the remainder of the installation contracted out under my personal supervision.

The actual site contained over a hundred more pages of technical documentation, how-to instructions, forms, and tutorials.

The Media Lab's intranet document site is not distributed to the Internet at large.

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*The $5 million grant for the Media Lab's Fiber Optic Network came from AMP Incorporated and Bay Networks. Mark Sausville wrote the grant; Mark & I co-created the structuure, and I created its structural illustrations and supporting graphics.

**I designed the PHYSICAL layer of the network; Mark & I co-designed the LOGICAL layers; Mark architected the NETWORK layers.