INFORMATION passes through the lens of consciousness to become IMAGE

What is Information Imaging?

Information Imaging is the Art and Science of projecting Information.

Ideally, the projected image is clear, powerful, effective and enjoyable. Factors such as expense, efficiency, accuracy, simplicity, approach, audience, level-of-abstraction, organization, navigability, timeliness and upgradeability are also important.

The primary goal of Information Imaging is Communication--the transfer of Image and Understanding from one person or group to another. Communication is my mission.

I combine skills in computers, graphic design, electronics, acoustics, physics, technical writing, photography, human perception, music, and psychology--and use this skillset to maximize the effectiveness of both my client/consultant connections and the final products. The perspective drawn from experience from these domains allows for a more complete understanding of the substance and subject at hand, and more effective communication & educational processes.

What do I produce? Corporate and Product Brochures, Technical Marketing and Sales Presentations, Illustrations, Logos, Animations, Posters, Paintings, Newsletters, Audio and Multimedia masters, Sound Recordings & Remixes, Audio and CD-ROMs.

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