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Examples Page

Why Flash?
self-promo piece
24 sec
size: 34K
req: flash4+
work: 12 hours
Title / introduction graphic for Flash examples page. Animation & limited interactivity.  Creation time includes all illustration, animation, sound mixing & testing.

pharmaceutical web home page
length: 35 sec
size:  64K
req:  flash3 +
work: 90 hrs
[ Click on these example images to see flash movies ]

Award winning* home page for major consumer anti-atherosclerosis drug site.  Demonstrates 2 levels of load loop, advanced rollovers, extensive yet compact graphics in a scalable page.    (Agency's client: Pfizer, Inc. Pfizer site was implemented by an 8 member team at Euro RSCG, with SVC as senior Flash programmer and senior web integrator.)

This site won the "Best Corporate Site" Manny Award for its outstanding quality and features in the year 2000.

Mechanism of Action
length: 2:18+
size:  328K
req:  flash3 +
work: 110 hrs
Mechanism of Action animation for a major consumer anti-atherosclerosis drug.  Designed like an animated slide-show; interactive VCR-like controls to accomodate clents of differing speeds.  Project included concept, storyboarding, illustration, copy & editing, corporate approval process, all animation & testing.  (for Pfizer, Inc.)
EWA's Green Rabbit
90 sec
size:  520K
req:  flash4+
work: 80 hrs

Based on a true story, this animation tells the story of the rabbits so contaminated by toxic waste that their fur turned green; this is The Green Rabbit Story.  Animation included writing script, all illustration, and soundtrack.  Extended opening credits enhances loading process over slower connections.

Edison Wetlands Association

Splash page.
11 sec
size:  66K
req:  flash4+
work: 25 hrs

Bringing Edison Wetlands Association's logo alive by animating their Great Blue Heron.

Gilded Otter

Flash site  for a micro-brew pub.

size: 119k
req:  flash4+

Fun character animation in the form of a playful Otter, the mascot of The Gilded Otter brewpub. Unique hybrid of photography and illustration, this site merges realistic and cartoon styles into an interactive environment.

ACG Digital
Splash Page
length: 38 sec
size:  62 K
req:  flash3 or 4
work: 35 hrs
Splash page for a NYC interactive media corporation.  Concept, design, illlustration, animation, & sound editing. Played in Flash3 with no sound, multi-layered MP3 soundtrack in Flash4 or higher.  
[Note: ACG has since become acquired by Magnet / Euro RSCG, and its old sites are long gone]
Splash/Home Proposal
length: 15 sec
size:  37K
req:  flash3
work: 4 hr flash conversion
Splash and home page proposal for updating an existing pharmaceutical web site.  Load loop, logo animation and embedded bitmaps.  Concept, design, Flash, and HTML page coding by Sound Visions.  Entire demo package is 79K including flash, and took 3 days to design, including comparitive market research, all by Sound Visions consulting.      [Shown with fictional name and logo]

Sound Visions
Splash/Home Page
length: 36 sec
size:  99K
req:  flash4
work: 45 hrs
Splash and home page for this site.  Auto-skip splash with load loop, animated buttons with extensive rollovers.  Concept, design, illlustration, animation, script programming & sound; most functions flash3 compatible (except for web tree programming in lower left).


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