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Technical Illustration  by  SOUND VISIONS Consulting

"Communicate simply, clearly, and as efficiently as possible."

This goal is more critical than ever, given today's glut of information.

Effective design alone does not satisfy this goal. Information Imaging draws from a solid grounding in engineering and the physical sciences, a broad understanding of human perception, and a clear technical style that is both expert- and novice-friendly.

Effective web design allows efficient navigation according to interest and function.


Make your mark with SOUND VISIONS!

--- Tech Graphics ---

Presentation Graphics

Effective communication of abstract concepts is often key to a presentation's success, or the closing of a sale.

Whether your presentation tool is video, a laptop, projection display, or printed handouts, Sound Visions can create the presentation graphics you need.   Tools: PowerPoint, Director, Freehand, Photoshop, and traditional photographic mediums.

Test Wafer
Test Structures
NVS logo
Tradeshow Graphics
stepper motion
Stepper Motion
wafer flow
Wafer Flow

--- Tech Graphics ---

Print Graphics

The quality, detail, and usability of the printed page are unsurpassed -- for product glossies, posters, advertisements, magazine illustrations, documentation, product packaging, and more.

Sound Visions Consulting has created designs specifically for each of these uses, and also designs with compatibility across multiple uses and media.

Sound Visions understands the workflow of print, focusing on crisp design, accuracy, and quality control.

Glossy Brochure
Product Brochures
Marketing Graphics
Print Advertising
Product Packaging

Web Graphics & Development: EXAMPLES

The prime beauty of the Web is free access to vast amounts of information.

For that information to be useful, however, it needs to be relevant, pique the viewer's interest, and guide the viewer through layout and navigation.

Sound Visions specializes in effective graphics, from illustration through web site design, navigation and integration. Please visit our web site examples.

lightning eye
Web Examples
network hub
Lipitor Home Page
Technical Examples

--- IAMGE / DESIGN ---

Corporate Image

Even a one-man company has a corporate image. It's the public face of an organization, be it a mega-corporation, university, community group or sandwich shop.

Today's trend of crisp, simple logotyping isn't going away. Brands are identified through type, shape, even a simple color. If you are establishing an image, or revamping an existing brand, consider the power of Sound Visions.

NVS logo
NVS Images
Other Logos


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