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100% Sound Vision Web Sites [All design, coding & flash]

Arris Contracting Company, Inc.   2003 - Present
Construction Management and General Contracting corporate and public works marketing site.  [100% design, coding and Flash by Sound Visions]
Sacred Forms Associates   2004 - Present
The web presence of Mana, a travelling healer and creator of transformative sacred geometry called Sacred Forms.  [100% design, coding and Flash by Sound Visions]
Rocking Horse Ranch   Fall 2002 - 2005
Family Resort and New York State dude ranch site with animated cartoon interface for the kids and slideshows of the entire facility for the adults.   [100% design, coding and Flash by Sound Visions] Flash site lasted until 2005 with few alterations.
Planar Semiconductor   Spring 2002
Corporate site for semiconductor manufacturing equipment producer. Flash animated splash and process demonstration; PHP and server side programming, secure client area.  (Planar is no longer in business).
[100% design, graphics, photography, HTML, PHP, and Flash by Sound Visions]
Kinetics Cosmetics   Spring 2001 - 2007
Cosmetics eCommerce catalog site. Customized Miva Merchant-based site.
[Lead Design, 100% coding, 100% graphics by Sound Visions]
Hrana Janto The Goddess Oracle   1997 - ongoing
Hrana Janto's Portfolio and Goddess Deck Sites
Creatrix tag

Creatrix Cards    1998-2000
Art Card Publishing House Catalog (1998)
and Fine Arts portfolio site (2000).

Sound Visions Logo Sound Visions   1997 - ongoing
Top Level of this Web Site (only slight updates since 2003)

Collaborative Web Design: Sound Visions work with Web Teams   January 2000
Atherosclerosis / health resource site. Extensive information, animated teaching tools, database registration and medical records. Granted a Manny Award for its outstanding quality and features.
[Sound Visions suppied Lead Integration, navigation, 75% interface design, 100% of Flashed home page & mechanism of action, 25% coding, 50% graphics & 75% team coordination to client's agency.    [Site replaced 18 months later by a cheaper site with fewer features]

Kutsher's Country Club   Summer 2001
Destination site for one of the remaining upstate New York resort complexes; immersive flash site with extensible slideshow sub-pages and printable assets.
[Lead Design, 100% coding, 90% graphics & 95% Flash animation by Sound Visions]

Think Tank navigation

ThinkTank at 100 Williams   Fall 2000

Member of Design Team and code consultant [virtual tour navigation design].

ACG Digital Arts   April 2000
Portfolio site for corporate website foundry; now Magnet Communications.
[Lead Integration, Flash splash, 95% coding, 50% graphics & animation by Sound Visions]

Network tag Network Documentation Intranet   1996
MIT Media Lab Intranet Site
[95% Sound Visions content: coding, writing, illutration & integration]
Pfizer, Warner Lambert, Park Davis, Euro RSCG, Oppenheimer Funds, New Balance, AMFM
(now Clear Channel Communications), The American Bible Association, Deloitte & Touche, Sales Machine, HealthView LMP, and Cabin Creek Films.

Additional Web Sites:

Edison Wetlands Association 2004
Award-winning site for a nonprofit environmental group in New Jersey.

Hudson River Truck & Trailer 2004
Custom Truck & Trailer Dealership

Applied Science & Technology Associates 2003

Cold War / Peace Museum 2005 - present
A non profit site for creating a Cold War museum at the Stewart Airport SAGE DC building.

River Valley Tours 2005 - present
Hudson valley travel & tour company.

Studio of Light 2003 - 2006
Art gallery in Woodstock New York

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