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Sound Visions: Client List

I perform a wide variety of Consulting and Design services for my clients. Here is a partial list:

-S- Sound / Audio
-V- Graphics / Visual
-T- Programming / Engineering / Technical
CLIENT PROJECTS for -S--V--T- Oppenheimer Funds, Deloitte & Touche, New Balance, Pfizer / Parke Davis, Euro RSCG, AMFM, The American Bible Association, Sales Machine, and HealthView LMP, West Point's Thayer Hotel, Kutsher's Country Club and many more.
NewCoLabs, 2001 -S--V--T- Chief Technology & Web consultant; Senior systems architect; Macromedia Flash, interactive, graphics, design, & coding. Web, database & CD-rom production.
Logic Pilots, 2000 -V--T- Web site consultant; Macromedia Flash, interactive, graphics, design, & coding. Web database site & CD-rom production. [Logic Pilots has since closed]
LM&P Euro RSCG, 1999 -S--V--T- Senior web site integrator & lead animator; direction, design, coding, graphics animation; created, prize-winning pharmaceutical info site.

ACG Digital Arts, 1998

-S--V--T- Senior web site integrator; direction, design, coding, & graphics creation; Lotus Notes, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop & ImageReady.  [ACG Digital Arts has not survived the dot-com crash]
New Vision Systems, Inc.
-S--V--T- Web & marketing graphics, product logo, PowerPoint and Director Animations; print, magazine and poster graphics, trade show booth graphics & design   [Current website:]
MIT Media Lab
-V--T- Network Design and Project Management, early Web-based Documentation, proposal, demo, documentation and presentation graphics
Thinking Machines Corporation
-S--V--T- Software, animation, and video production; digital circuit & firmware design
Bridge to the Tango -V--T- Product packaging, logo (re)design, marketing posters, print advertisements, photo retouching, catalog graphics
Kohn & Cruikshank, Inc. -S--V--T- Audio Mastering, design, construction & documentation for lifetime achievement award project
MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab -T- Connection Machine debug & repair
Lilla LoCurto & William Occault -S--V--T- Control systems design & project consulting for art installations
MIT Center for Advanced
Visual Studies
-V--T- Hardware design & construction for interactive sculptures
Center for Conscious Evolution -V- Logo design, editing, and desktop publishing for newsletter
Dance New England -S--V--T- Logo graphics, desktop publishing for flyers & pamphlets, music mixing
Movement Collective, Inc. -S--V--T- Web & Logo Graphics, Letterhead, card & T-shirt design, desktop publishing, Music Mixes for weekly dance events
Jonathon Conant -S--V--T- Album Cover Design, Computer and Audio Consulting
Live Music Mixing at clubs -S--T- Sanders Hall, The Rathskeller, TT The Bear's, The Middle East, The Tam, Chet's Last Call, The Channel (all near Metro Boston);  also Wetlands (NYC), The Border Cafe (Burlington, VT), college campuses, and many private venues
Applications Training and
Private Tutoring
-S--V--T- Individual clients accepted but not listed here


 -S- ::= Sound / Audio -V- ::= Graphics / Visual -T- ::= Programming / Engineering / Technical


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