Sound Visions is a one-man powerhouse, available on a Contract, Project, or Per-Hour basis.

David A. Sheppard

Objective: One-time and continuing consulting contracts in web design, technical illustration, and graphics. Clear, powerful, and effective communications.
Education: B.S. in Computer Science, M.I.T., 1982, with additional concentration in Visual Arts & Design.
Built a solid foundation in information processing, mathematics and the sciences.
Research and thesis at the M.I.T. Visible Language Workshop: "An Animation Language in a Tree-Structured Process Environment".  Years of hands-on work at the cutting edge of computers & technology.
Freelance Consulting:
SOUND VISIONS, New York & Boston Freelance Designer, Web Integrator, Consultant
Completed a wide variety of graphics, design, and media projects, for dozens of different clients.
These projects have included:
  • Web Development, design, integration & team management
  • Animation & Interactive: Macromedia FLASH, Actionscript, Director & Lingo programing
  • Technical Illustration and expert Photoshop work
  • Powerpoint & Director presentations, Print, and CDROMs
  • Logo and graphics creation for corporations, products, and publications
  • Video production, & audio recording, mixdown, and digital editing.
    Engineered >75 demo tapes and several albums and CDROM projects.

Sample clients: Pfizer, LM&P/Nethod, Planar Semiconductor, Arris Contracting, Kinetics Cosmetics, MORE SITES...

Full Time Staff Positions:

The Media Lab, MIT, Cambridge, MA Systems Manager
Co-designed, documented, and supervised installation of a showpiece $5 million fiber-to-the-desktop network. Primary contributor for NeCSys Intranet Documentation Site (NEtwork Computing SYStems group); Performed large-scale computer systems maintenance and research group support.
Thinking Machines Corporation, Cambridge, MA Research Engineer
Designed scientific visualization and computer animation projects with researchers and visiting scientists. Wrote device-control software for computer animation, used in award-winning animations by Karl Sims. Co-inventor of the DataVault, a patented fault-tolerant ultra-high-speed disk array. Performed final test, QA, and field engineering for first three Connection Machine model CM-1 supercomputers.
LaserData, Inc., Cambridge, MA Software Engineer
Redesigned company Logo and image graphics. Engineered, documented, prototyped and supervised fabrication of LaserDisc Multiplexor Interface product. Wrote utility and driver-level code for LaserDisc systems.
Applicon, Inc., Burlington, MA Graphics System Software Engineer
Refined and implemented the "Drawing Composer" and "Views" portion of the Bravo! CAD system. Presented workshops on system use to sales and applications
ALCATOR plasma-fusion lab, MIT, Burlington, MA Instrumentation Technician
Built prototype plasma-fusion reactor instrumentation for Alcator-C.
Architecture Machine Group, MIT, Cambridge, MA Student Researcher
Wrote "TrEd" graphical editor for the Aspen Project; systems support.

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